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Fine Art Photography by Lisa Zach

Lisa Zach is a loving, Southern lady that creates beautiful works of art through photography.

She is an artist and an educator that shares her heart and laughter with everyone that steps in front of her camera.

Ms Lisa specializes in Lifestyle Photography & in creating Artistic Portraits of families, couples, children, teens & tweens, dancers and athletes.

For ladies of all ages, the team at Degage Studios will immerse you in an incredible personalized experience that will make you feel carefree & beautiful. Whether you want casual elegance or trendy chic, we partner with high-end boutiques for the latest fashions and with expert hair & makeup artists to create fresh & sophisticated looks just for you.

We are generous with our time and talent and are known for being easy-going and fun-loving folks to work with. While our work is high-end and classic, we are down-to-earth, God & America loving people that want to serve you.

How are we Different? We don’t just take pictures;we create unique works of Art that are designed to beprinted and displayed in your home. We want you to be able to gather your family around with a glass of sweet tea, hold the luxury album in your hand, turn the pages and tell the stories behind the photographs. We believe in printed art and we want you to have something to share with your family and pass down through time.

This time in your life is fleeting. Come by and have some tea with Ms Lisa, tell her your vision, then let her capture and preserve it for all time in her amazing photography.  If you can dream it, this sweet lady can help you make it a reality that you can share with your friends and family for generations to come.

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